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Getting prepared for your telehealth consultation

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Getting prepared for your teledermatology consultation

Dermo Direct makes it easy for patients to attend real-time teledermatology consultation. Before you attend your appointment, you are required to download the free Zoom App, then click the appointment link in the confirmation email.

HealthDirect Australia shared some handy tips on how to prepare for a telehealth consultation.

Make yourself comfortable

  • Find yourself a private, quiet space and comfortable chair
  • Turn off radios and TVs and close the doors and windows to reduce noise

Line up and light up your face

  • Make sure your face is close to and directly in front of your device’s camera
  • Have light in front or above you for the best image (not behind you)

Keep your device (desktop, laptop or mobile) still and powered

  • Prop your device up against something stable or use a stand
  • Make sure it is fully charged or plugged in

Internet connection

  • Choose a space close to your modem or where you have a good signal
  • Ask other people in your home not to use the internet during your telehealth consultation